Accordion Shutters

Accordions provide a perfect solution for those needing a quick and convenient way to deploy their hurricane protection. Many consider accordions to be the strongest type of shutter due to the angular design. The shutters are installed permanently on your home so that when the time comes to prepare for the hurricane, the accordions are there waiting for you. Finger-tip operation allows you to close things up on a moment's notice.

Opened Accordion Shutters on Bay Window
Side angle of house with accordion shutters on windows
Accordion shutters on windows from front view of house
Accordion shutters over sliding glass doors on pool deck
Accordion shutters covering windows around pool deck
Accordion Shutters For Lanai

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to Open & Close
  • Security With Locking Options
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Unobstructed View
  • Insurance Discounts
  • Low Profile Stock, 30% Less
  • Port Holes
  • No Panels to Store

Moderately priced, the accordion shutters give you "peace of mind", knowing that you don't need all day to get ready. These can be locked/secured from the inside or outside as they come in four standard colors, which can help accent your home's beauty without disturbing the aesthetic quality of your community. Many homeowners find that the accordion system is useful many times throughout the year regardless of storms, since they can provide a great form of security, especially in the rear of the home on sliding glass doors, etc. Accordions are also used for privacy, sun control, and as a windbreaker-good for homes and great 4 condominiums!

The strongest most affordable type of permanent shutters. Accordions are the perfect solution for year-round security and also ultra convenient for sliding up on a moment's notice for hurricane protection. Accordions are top-grade aluminum with superior components that endure a high-grade system for maximum performance in Hurricane conditions.

Accordion shutters open
Accordion shutters closed